How do you prove that the account was invalid upon purchase?

Situation: you claim that the purchased account has an invalid password and login. 

In order to support your claim, you must provide a video of you buying the goods in our store and trying to sign in to the account. You need to make a video of the entire purchase process and entering the account. The data should be copied with the mouse.

Otherwise, we cannot be certain that it was not you who stole the account after the purchase. A video can be made with any program – the main thing is to show how you purchase and then sign in in the account.

What can I do if I never received an item?

There are two possible reasons why you did not receive an account. The first is that you misspelled your email, and a download link was sent to the wrong email. 

The second reason – the mail was deleted by the email service. There are no other reasons. We send all accounts to clients’ emails. Moreover, there is a download link appearing on our website after the purchase.

We recommend you to immediately contact us, if you did not receive your order within 5 minutes.

The purchased accounts are not working. What do I do?

If you are having trouble with the purchased accounts, please do not hesitate to contact us! In case, it is our accounts’ being invalid, attach a text file to your mail providing the following data:

- order information (date and time)

- the reason for invalid accounts and how you found it out

- what actions were performed with the accounts

As soon as you send all data on account purchase, the technical support will make a decision whether to replace the accounts with new ones or refuse it. The administration considers all the information specified in a text file. Therefore, it is important to provide as much data as possible. The decision is taken during 24 hours from the moment of purchase. It normally takes a couple of hours.

Are these real people’s accounts?

We do not hack accounts that belong to real people. All accounts are created by us, no bots involved. The accounts are clean and fresh, with no mails or spam letters.

You paid the money but didn’t receive an email confirmation?

In order to understand this problem, you need to contact us and specify as much data as possible. The exact time, date, email and accounts ordered. This information will help us to find your order and clarify the details.

I am not satisfied with the purchased accounts. Can I get my money back?

First, you need to understand why you are not happy with the accounts purchased, then contact the technical service and provide information on your problem. If you changed your mind about the purchase, which had already been paid up, you will not get a refund. So think carefully before paying.  

In what format will I get my accounts?

The account format is as follows – Login: password: email: email password  

I want to get accounts in a different format. How to do it?

If the account format we use does not suit you, please inform us in advance. We will convert the accounts into a format that is convenient for you. This is done only on request.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept the following types of payments (the list may vary): Perfect Money,Payeer,Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency.